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LivClear II

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A Dietary Supplement to Support Detoxification Functions*

LivClear*II combines various minerals, herbs, antioxidants, glutathione precursors, amino acids, DMG and 3 patented ingredients known to support bioavailability and liver health.*

LivClear*II is recommended for:

People searching for support for normal toxin cleansing and individuals on a weight-loss program*
People exposed to chemical solvents (painters, dry cleaners, construction workers, printers, office workers, auto mechanics, manicurists, and beauticians)
People who experience continuing fatigue*
People undergoing sauna therapy and people with chemical sensitivities*

LivClear*II supports normal detoxification in the following ways*:

Providing advanced, balanced support for multiple phases of detoxification*
Supporting kidney, liver and colon health and function*
Supporting the detoxification of solvents, metabolic wastes, micro-organisms, environmental toxins and drugs*